Flat-Earth Fuckery

The Earth is as flat as my tummy. Which, unfortunately for me, is not as flat as I’d like it to be. I mean, when I suck it in, it looks perfectly fine but… Right, back to the flat-earth stuff.

Did you know there are still people in the world who think that the world is flat? Insane right? I mean, it’s so easy to prove otherwise. Yet some people are caught in this insane delusion that we live on a pancake – that governments all around the world are keeping it a secret for… reasons. Don’t as me what those reasons are, probably something to do with the Illuminati or some shit.

In many ways, flat-earthers are worrisome. We’ve known that the world is a globe for millennia, yet this small group is adamant that thousands of years worth of scientific learning is wrong – providing nothing in its place.


I’ve heard many theories about why people still believe in flat-earth nonsense – everything from ‘they have a subconscious need to feel special, a part of a limited-entry group’ to ‘they’re fucking stupid’. But I’m not sure about either of those, and I’m not sure I’ll ever find an answer for the wilful ignorance that humans show.

Because it’s not just flat-earthers, is it?

So many people in the world are wilfully, happily ignorant of reality. From climate change to sustainable power to the fact that pineapple on pizza is delicious. The world is burning, society is reaching a crumbling point, people are hateful and spiteful shits, fuckin’ everything is crazy.

I don’t know, I can kinda see the appeal of living in a delusional, one-dimensional world.

Or a two-dimensional one.

Get it? ‘Cause 2D is flat. And flat-earth. See? Hehehe.

Until next time, keep on smiling! (Even if everything seems a little shit right now, it’ll get better! (And if it doesn’t, we’re all gonna die one day anyway, and we’ll be too dead to care about shot shit everything is. So win, win, right?))



I don’t seem to be blogging as much as I’d intended. Not that anyone’s gonna read this, but still. I’m a writer. That’s my day job. It’s pretty great, but it does mean I’m all ‘written’ out at the end of the day. What’s that saying about maids living in messes? They spend all day cleaning for other people that they can’t be fucked to clean when they get home. I’m not sure if that’s an actual saying – but if it isn’t, it should be.

I write almost every day, and the days I don’t are my days off. So writing blogs is like extra work on top of my usual work. Not entirely, I don’t blog out of obligation. I do it to clear my mind, get things off my chest.

Problem is, I don’t have anything to get off my chest. I don’t need to clear my mind. Everything is going pretty great in my life right now. I could blog about my friends and their difficulties, but that feels like it’d be a breach of trust.

Blogging is a way of coping with the shit going on in my life. Organising and structuring everything. But I don’t need to do that. There is no shit going on in my life. Everything good. I get paid next week, and I’m looking at a modest raise in my income. Everything is going well for me. I have nothing really to blog about other than my thoughts – which doesn’t seem wise. My thoughts are, well, crazy.

To quote one of my secondary school teachers: I’m a “stupid genius”.

Emphasis on the ‘stupid’ part.

Who knows, maybe I’ll blog about that sometime. But for now, I’m done. It is my day off, after all.

‘Til next time. Keep on smilin’.

Oath to Write

That title says it all. I’m making an oath to write a novel this year.

I know what to write, I have enough planned out to start, I have all the tools I needs, I have a job that will allow me the time I need. I have everything. The only thing I don’t have is an excuse not to write.

There will, no doubt, be times when I cave and feel like giving up. But, from here on out, I’m making a promise to myself to keep going. No matter what.

This is my dream. It has been since I was fifteen years old.

I’m doing it.

Keep on Smiling

For the longest time, that’s always been what I’ve ended blog posts with. That, or some variant of it. “Don’t forget to smile” or “smile as much as you can” or even simply “smile!” will do. I’ve blogged about why before, but that was on another site in a post that no longer exists. So I’m going to tell the story again.

It’s not a long story. It’s not even a story at all, really. One day I was out walking somewhere for some reason I no longer remember, and I remember I felt very “meh”. Not happy, not sad, not even blank. If shrugging indifferently was an emotion, that’s what I was feeling for that walk.

And, well, I walked past an old woman. She seemed down. I forced myself to smile at her, more to hide how I was feeling from this random stranger than anything else. And, upon seeing me smiling, the old lady smiled back.

And, as I continued walking, I had a little epiphany.

Emotions are infectious. Like a disease. Only not. Think about when you’re with friends and find yourself laughing as a group at a joke that would never have been as funny if you’d heard it alone, or how one person being depressed at a party brings the mood down for everyone else. Emotions, feelings, flow between people. Surround yourself with happy people and you’ll soak in that happiness. Or, you know, you’ll see their happiness and compare it with your own lack of happiness and that contrast will make you depressed. Regardless, their emotions directly effect yours.

As I walked away from that old lady, I found myself thinking about her smile. Wondering if, even by a little, tiny amount, I’d brightened her day by forcing myself to smile.

I have no idea if it did or didn’t. For all I know, she could have seen through my fake smile and gave me one of her own. I don’t know. But that thought has stuck with me ever since. Emotions are infectious, maybe by smiling – even when I have to force it – I can brighten someone else’s day by just a little.

And so, I do. Whenever I come across a stranger, on the street or in a shop or wherever, I smile. Most of the time it’s not even forced.

Who knows, maybe all those people I’ve smiled at over the years just think I’m some weirdo smiling at nothing. But, to be honest, I don’t mind. If my smiling makes even one person’s day a little bit better, it’s worth it. And I know for a fact that it has done, because it’s improved my mood at times.

You’d be surprised how easily a forced smile can become an honest smile.

Pretty lame, right?

So yeah. As much a reminder to myself as a message to any random reader of this blog. Keep on smilin’.

Here We Go Again

I’ve started so many blogs over the years that I’ve lost count. Some, I had dozens of posts on, others just one or two. They’re all gone now, purged as I got bored of writing in them. And so, here I am once again, creating a new blog to share my random thoughts and feelings with the void.

Am I expecting anyone to read or care? Nah.

But it’s a good outlet for me. And in my life right now, I sort of need an outlet. I’ll go into that another time, no-doubt. Until then, welcome to my mind random stranger. hope you enjoy your stay. I’ll try to write a blog at least once a week and, who knows, maybe this time the blogging thing will stick.

So yeah. Until next time, keep on smilin’.